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Groups Plugin:

Where you can run your articles , blog posts, website posts, pages , links, ads and more? On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter perhaps, plus Pinterest and some other I can think of. 

The other option is forums but for myself and Jay we decided instead of having yet another forum which is lists and lists of mostly quite boring stuff, we would try something a little different. 

Maybe we are going out on a limb here but a community full of groups, much like Facebook Groups is what we were after. So we went with a community groups plugin. 

And it’s not just any old plugin. This has so many functions, we have only just begun. 

Lets start at the beginning.



So first think to think about is that this is a groups community, not a forum although it’s pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that you have your own profile and blog, plus you get to create and manage your groups. It can be a private or public group, plus you can create as many as you wish. Much like groups on Facebook, so it’s all pretty much straight forward.


  • Register with the Post -It community. 
  • You will be put into a default group with all new members. 
  • From here you can go to set up your profile.
  • Add all your details and create a profile page. 
  • Now you can begin adding your posts to the user blog section or you can add your posts to the main front page. If you want to promote something then here you can, because it’s paid and free resources. 
  • Lastly we are adding an ads network so you can add your own ads and earn some extra $$$ from this site. 


So we hope that clears a few things up for everyone. Why not join the community, help us grow and share your work as we have been doing on Facebook only this time you can sell as well. 

Create groups in you niche or subject, collaborate, chat with other education website, blog owners. Join with other Facebook groups or other social media groups and help each other grow. 


It’s all about the sharing for us guys! 

We will be posting regularly with offers, news and updates, so hope to see you back soon.


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We would love to have you along for the ride.



Have a good day.