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Great Tools For Teachers

This webublog post will be a listing some great tools for teachers. 
This is a ongoing page that I'll be adding to regularly so be sure to check back. 
I guarantee there will be some tools you have not used or heard of yet.


Most of these tools have a free plan or you can use them for free forever.

WebuBlog will be posting tools teachers can use for content creation.



The first tool here is Visme and a tool that I use a lot.  Visme has a whole toolbox of visual features. These features set Visme apart from other presentation platforms and software. Yes at the core it is a presentation tool but it can bring your slides to life with animated elements. videos GIFs, graphics and all the usual but Visme goes further and lets you bring your vision to life.


You can create any social media size post, header or poster, flyer and documents with it’s fantastic templates. Yes that is a standard feature these days but think of any stationary document and Visme has it.


The whole experience whilst using Visme is excitement, or maybe that’s just me! But I enjoy creating content and using a tool like this is an absolute pleasure. You can also create animated stories, books and anything that comes to mind visually.


A highly recommended tool I suggest you start using. Hit the download button below to get started. Don’t worry it won’t instantly download onto your computer but you can download Visme for your desktop which I would also highly recommend.


Visme helps you package your ideas into a stunning presentation that is engaging and professional.






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We post daily free resources and tools for teachers. Our new offer is a great one if your class are coding or doing any project for that involves gaming. This is a great FREE game development coding course with 11 modules.

Plus we have a fantastically huge bonus discount on a great game Vocabulary Quest and if you’re students like quest adventure games this is a great way to learn new vocabulary. Check Out the video below and you can follow this link to the FREE Game Coding Course and PC game download Vocabulary Quest.




Free Game Coding Development Course Giveaway Bundle.

Learn the fundamentals of game development coding, web development, VR, AR, and Python programming. This FREE great Game Coding 11 module courses will set you up to creat online games and apps. Find out more here at Gaming Giveaway


Plus get an amazing bonus adventure learning game, **Vocabulary Quest.** Choose your character, fight battles, go on quests to learn more. Level up your character with with gear and take on mini quests. Get a 60% YES 60% discount when you purchase with Webucation using the link below.  This will take you to the pay now page with the discount but click the logo and you will be directed to their page. at Vocabulary Quest. 

If you would like more graphics tools then see our Wakelet List of tools here that you can contribute to also.

You can also find us on Quora with our page now establishing itself with over 5K followers and an amazing 65K weekly views.

Much more to come from Post-it.webucation and we will be changing up the format of the page soon.  This is a groups site and a more educational magazine style that will hopefully lend itself to you guys being able to post your ads here. If you would like to use our ads space please contact us for enquirers.

Have a great week.



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