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Groups are getting larger on Facebook and as I’m writing this our group has gone over 200K ! That is a high number and I might be right in saying the largest free resource group on the platform? PLEASE correct me in the comments if I’m wrong. I know there’s a worksheet group that has 300K, not sure. There certainly seems to be more and more Free stuff as people are finally getting onto the band wagon of giving stuff away to get clients, followers and traffic. I personally not Webucation, have been giving resources away for years. Why keep hold of all that info that’s sitting on your hard drive for yourself? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. 

So if you haven’t already guest this is Webucations Blog where you will find the occasional posts and updates. We will also be posting more free content along with some genuine offers that will help you out and free downloads of course.  

Check out our business page @webucation 

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If you’re looking for daily free resources then visit our groups our Free Teacher Resources Group and Free PowerPoints and Google Slides Group. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something useful in all of our groups as there’s just endless content you can adapt. 



We will be introducing some extra plugins very soon so there will be more functionality and options from your profile pages, but requests are also welcome. If members would like a forum added we can do that very quickly, so just let us know. 

There’s plenty more teacher resources to come so keep an eye out for more very soon. 

Any problems or requests please feel free to contact me. 

Great to have you here and have a good day. 

Admin @Webucation