Post It Education Ads Share

Post It Education Ads Sharing


Post-It Education Ads Sharing and Marketing network is not only a Group Members site but a place to post your teaching blogs, business or educational company posts. We will also have ads space for members to post. The revenue from the ads will be in the form of an ads share program.




So What is Ads Sharing?

This post will outline how our ads network will function. It is a great way to earn extra income for you and your business.

We offer you a large cut of the advertising profits from Post-It. Ad Sharing lets you do just that. Ad Sharing makes it easy to split revenue in a fair way based on the number of impressions on members posts with ads.

We keep track of all the numbers for you, then splitting the revenue based on profit at the end of a campaign. Monetize the network and encourage other users to start generating more income for the network resulting on more revenue for everyone.

What Are The Advantages of Ads Sharing?


Ads sharing is a fair, equitable and very attractive way to share ad revenue for all members. There is no need for members to use any code or change any template files that we generate to insert ads. You can also use any advertising partners you want, this could be in the form of the obvious AdSense or context ads, placement ads or banners ads.
Share and refer people to promote the site and everyone can earn more.


#Visme a Great Presentation Tool and More.

While you’re here I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Visme. You know we promote free tools for teachers and this is a great one.

Visme offers hundreds of beautifully designed templates, 100+ fonts, thousands of vector icons, millions of free stock images, and it also gives you the ability to embed your own content such as audio, video, surveys, forms, etc!

Now the good news is … drum roll: Visme is free forever! No credit card required! You can upgrade of course  to a premium plan if you need extra features or more templates.

Go create an account (it takes less than a minute) and save yourself lots of time and money with VISME




Back to Ads Sharing.

Ads Sharing Is Easy

You can display ads before or after your content. We agree on a split before your campaign starts, this could be say Site 25% / User 75% for example.

Then we agree on what type of ad you want it to be such as we discussed earlier, a banner, context ad etc. Webucation then supply a code for you to use for your post and the site. If you choose not to then your ad will not run as we need to keep this fair and equal for all members.

As Post-It is in a semi Beta Mode at the moment things may or may not run so smoothly but we are working on the site as I am writing this.

Webucation will keep you updated as we are also looking at adding a plugin for ads. If you can recommend a plugin please leave in the comments below.

If you have registered an account with post-it already for the moment you are free to post your content. Complete your profile page and start your blog. You can also create as many groups as you wish plus join other groups.


Thanks for visiting today. You can find more on our Facebook Group Teacher Posts for Profit.




Have a great week.




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