I love doing this activity, it can be totally self directed by the students and they really practice reading and comprehension skills from this. It is a whole class activity that can be done in groups, pairs or as an individual. I much prefer giving it as an individual task so students have their own work to present and take home.

I have a video guide for you, which as this can be a little confusing i suggest you at least skip through it, but i will put the main details below as well.

How to use Animal Dominos

  1. Students are given a board and the animals/description and have to match the description to the animal and glue it to the board
  2. You can give the Animals ( PRINT ON A4!!) for them to cut out or you can do it prior to class
  3. read through the first one ( giraffe) and ask if those are the correct words for the giraffe, they are not!, so ask them to say what animal the words do talk about. (monkey)
  4. Say you want them to stick the animals on the big paper PRINT on A3!!)
  5. At this point i would show them one you have made before or a rubric so they get the idea of what a finished product looks like.
  6. If you are unsure of how they will deal with this i would suggest you do the first two or three together as a class and introduce how they have to position (see the last slide or the video) the domino’s to go around the outside of the A3 paper.
  7. While they are working you have the opportunity to go around the class and check that it is going well, i would strongly suggest you do this for the first few animals!
  8. When they have finished there are two written exercises in the middle. If you worry if your students will be able to spell the animal names then you can put them on the board and use it as a phonic exercise to have them go find out the name.
  9. These look really good when finished so you could display them around your room or the school.