80+Reading Comprehension Short Stories – Grade 2 – 4 Workbook

80+ Reading Comprehension Short Stories – Grade 2 – 4 Workbook. Fully Printable

Read along on topics ranging from Home School and Staying at home to Informational readers on the Planets of the Solar System to the Rampaging T.Rex and other dinosaurs.

  • These topics range from grade 2 to grade 4 Flesch reading levels. ( a few grade 5 as well)
  • The utilize topics and subjects that are popular and motivating for children.
  • They are perfect for quick reading sessions, including guided reading.
  • Over 80 pages of reading materials for homes and classrooms.
  • Includes reading comprehension and higher order comprehension questions.
  • YouTube read aloud / read along included.
  • Printable at schools and homes

These offer students more complex topics that our Kindergarten to Grade one readers workbook, with more challenging sentences and subject matter. These readers can be used as classroom resources and as conversation starters. They allow students to practice both reading and phonics skills as well as comprehension and higher order thinking.